Create and assign overrides with gantry framework

Hi, a few lines to make you clear the ‘overrides’ way of working. we know the most of you can work perfectly with overrides, an easy to understand feature, but, for those who still doesn’t know, please read this:

What is an override in Gantry framework for WordPress?

An override can be easily defined with the WordPress page template concept, yes, an override is a page template. with Gantry framework you create this overrides in Theme Options on the fly and then assign them to a page, a category, a post or whatever you need in WordPress.

How to create an Override

You can create an override going into Theme Options, on top left corner you will find the overrides dropdown, which show all created overrides and The Overrides Menu, just to create new(when you are in default view) and also if inside any created override it will show , rename and delete buttons, please see the image below:

Default View

Here you can find:

1.Save changes Button

2.You are in default Override View

3.Overrides Dropdown Menu, to choose which one to edit

4.Create New Override Button

5.Go to Widgets Layout edit in for Default view


Override View

Here you see:

1. You are in Override View, in this case ‘home’ override

2.Home override is selected in Dropdown menu, and 3 buttons, from left to right, create, delete and rename override

3.Overrides Tab, it only appears in Overrides View, use it to assign this override to a page, a category, a post, a menu item…etc


What we can do with an Override?

We can customize every aspect of theme options, backgrounds, colors, position of widgets…etc

Now that we have created, customized and saved our ‘home’ override, we can assign it to any page we have created, any category, post…etc

Go to the Assigments Tab and assign it to a page,a menu item, a category. For example, if we want this override to be our home page, we can

1.Create New Page,call it ‘Home

2.Set the homepage in wordpress settings > Reading as ‘Home’ page

3.Go to Theme Options > assigments tab and assign ‘home’ override to Home page.

We should go to Override Options(this case ‘home’ override)>Assigments Tab>Pages Box>Select home page>Click ‘add to assigned’ >Save

Now everytime ‘home’ page is opened we will see the ‘home’ override settings like colors, widgets…etc


Hope you understand this easy procedure, it will give you tons of possibilities and different, unlimited customized layouts for any aspect of page.

You can see and buy item theme used for demostration purposes here: Grider Retina Responsive Magazine by Mimo

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